About Us

09_21_2014-114I am Ashlee. I am a California girl who relocated to Southern Colorado and ended up staying…for 10 years. My husband of five years and I are outdoor enthusiasts – we hike, raft, camp, and photograph.

Things you should know about me / subjects that pop up in my blog:

1. I love being outside.

2. I am a stay-at-home mom.

3. I have two boys – Blaine and Cal – each of whom are adorable.

4. My first little boy took 3 years and $20,000 in fertility treatments to conceive.

5. My second little boy’s conception was…um, a lot more fun. And a lot cheaper.

6. I don’t dress up just for blog posts, but if I happen to look particularly ravishing, you can bet I’ll snap a few shots.

7. I like trying new recipes but don’t usually measure ingredients – fair warning.

8. I tried and failed at using reusable diapers. But I did succeed at breastfeeding and making all of my son’s babyfood.

9. We are on a very limited budget. Very. Limited. I am a dedicated thrift and garage-sale shopper who hates paying full price for anything except groceries and couches.

10. I love sharing stories of success, failure, happiness, and disappointment with fellow bloggers. This isn’t a “cute pictures and eternal optimism” blog, because that’s not who I am or what I experience.

I hope you enjoy sharing my experiences and taking comfort in the fact that I haven’t vacuumed my floor in over a week, washed my hair in two days (maybe more), or successfully managed my Coca-Cola habit…but I love my family, my dogs, taking photos, and having adventures.


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