snowWhat would a good mom do?

Sometimes I have to stop and ask myself that question, because if I acted solely on my own wants and desires, I would plop my oldest down in front of the TV for six hours, give my youngest a box of Honeynut Cheerios, and read a book. That’s what I would do.

But then I see these moms on FB, saying how excited they are that it snowed and how wonderful it’s going to be to take their tiny humans out to make a snowman or whatever other freezing activity you can think of for a snow day… and I think, “Is this what a good mom does?”

And I instantly know the answer – yes. A good mom will put down her (luke)warm cup of tea, put on real pants (with tights on underneath), find the snow suits for the boys, convince them to wear them, bribe them to put on warm shoes, bribe them again to wear a hat, shovel them in the car, find the dang sleds in the mayhem of the garage, and go to the dang park.

So I did. And I managed to convince two of my friends to bring their kids, too. Misery loves company.

The kids loved it. They abso-freaking-lutely loved it. There were snowball fights. There were games of tag. There was even a dog pile in the snow (wherein my son was the bottom layer) and no one even cried. Not even once. Even us moms were laughing. It was a snow-day miracle.

So no matter what happens for the rest of the day – macaroni for dinner, complete lack of toilet cleaning, 3-hour TV marathon – at least that happened. Turns out we really are good moms.


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