So Easy

Toss_GameOh, Pinterest. How I love you. You give me these great spur-of-the-moment ideas about how to entertain my toddler on a snowy day (when neither of them will nap and my last shred of patience has been spent on a battle over what’s for lunch) …but you inevitably fail me.

Why? Because my toddler has a one-year-old little brother.

I put the painters’ tape down on the carpet.

I placed three bowls 3 feet from the line.

I gave him plenty of soft, easy-to-throw objects to toss into the bowls.

I even cheered for him when the object made a fun “ding” sound as it ricocheted off the bowl and into the fireplace.

All went well, for 30 seconds.

Until little brother tore up the tape.

And little brother started pulling all the rubber duckies out of the bowl.

And little brother put ducks in the ball bowl and balls in the bug bowl.

And little brother stood in front of the bowls, waving his pudgy little hands.

Oh, little brother. If you weren’t so cute…

This is why sometimes you have to be a parent to understand why parenting is so HARD. On the outset, things look so easy.

Just make up a fun game for them! Childless people proclaim. Kids love games and playdough and fun snacks and being outside!

Until the tiniest person in the room interferes with the games, the playdough ends up in the mouths of dogs and babies, nobody likes the snacks because everyone is only interested in eating chicken nuggets and mandarin oranges, and outside is covered in frost and nobody likes wearing gloves.

But they’re so dang cute.


2 thoughts on “So Easy

  1. Love this! I am with you!….Gloves are not in our vocabulary! I do love your enthusiasm! Thank you for bringing humor to our stressful days! Pst…… and a giggle…..:-)

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