Baby photos.

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I am taking the lead from ‘Cedars and Tiny Flowers’ and posting a little ditty about our newborn photo experience. I love sending out announcements and wanted to make our own, so we did a quick photo shoot while Big Brother was asleep one day.

Despite our experience as wedding photographers, newborn photography always poses a challenge…or two. I can never get the babies into those crazy positions that you see on the interwebs, and I’m not entirely sure how comfortable they are for babies anyway, so I opted to just prop my little man up in the nursing pillow, situate him by some natural light, and click away.

We got a few cute expressions, and this was my favorite. What a personality this guy is going to have…if his baby photo is any indication. I love every wrinkle, flyaway hair, roll, and curled toe in this picture. I didn’t photoshop anything except the white background. I want to remember every dimple and tiny scratch (he wore mittens for most of the time to avoid that) on his precious body. It may not win any awards, but this image wins my heart. You may sigh now.





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