Remember Me?

Hey, there ME is! (Should be noted that this was pre-kiddo. Though I look happy, I didn't know what happiness was until I had my son.)

Hey, there ME is! (Should be noted that this was pre-kiddo. Though I look happy, I didn’t know what happiness was until I had my son.)

I remember me. Me is a girl who runs 5Ks on the weekends. Me is the girl who finally found friends who ride mountain bikes. Me was ready to sign up for a Tough Mudder race with her brother. Me was a mommy who threw her son high in the air just to see him giggle.

Where has Me been?


But now, Me is coming out of hiding. I got my staples (18 of them, if you want to know how brave I am) removed yesterday and I couldn’t help but feel relieved, excited, and optimistic. I can’t express how much I am looking forward to this new chapter in my life: mother of two little boys. But I feel like I can’t really start this chapter until I am truly myself, which I’m not. I’m like a bruised, stitched, weak version of myself that can’t lift over 10 pounds and can’t use her ab muscles.

In five weeks, it’s game on. I am working really hard at not working really hard (although giving up vacuuming was pretty easy) so that I can heal as fast and as completely as possible. And then I can do this:

  1. Pull my babes in my sweet new bike trailer along the Riverwalk.
  2. Go snowboarding for the first time in three seasons!
  3. Sign up for an all-girls mountain biking clinic.
  4. Strap my itty-bitty baby to my back and hike my favorite trails.
  5. Pull Blaine in a toboggan while cross-country skiing for the first time. (I’m sure he’ll love it…)
  6. Run in the Santa Dash and watch my Little Buddy do the kids’ race, too!

So many wonderful things in store for me and my sidekicks. So many…


Welcome to the World, Callum Leroy!

On October 1st at 8:22 in the morning, we welcomed our second (miracle) son into the world. Despite feeling extremely nervous about the C-section (only 18 months have passed since my last one, so I wasn’t up for a VBAC), everything went very smoothly and we were out of the hospital after only 48 hours. It felt good – much better than last time – to get him home and start healing / growing.

I will share the gory details of the birth later (in case anyone is keen to know more about what a C-section entails or how stubborn I can be when it comes to taking / not taking painkillers)…but for now, welcome my little boy:

His Most Honorable Callum Leroy Sack, Esq.

His Most Honorable Callum Leroy, Esq.