I’ll Work, You Play

One of the reasons I think I am a good mommy is: I am tired at the end of the day. I am constantly riding a bike, walking across the yard, shoveling sand in the sandbox, or crouching by Blaine’s side at the river. (Who needs a gym, right?) He loves being outside, and I try to encourage this behavior by playing with him and helping him think of things to do out there. This morning, he wanted to play in the empty pool (wasn’t quite hot enough for swimmin’ yet), so I brought out some balls and made him a ball pit. He LOVED it. There was much rolling and giggling and jumping. The only problem was, he’s working on his fast ball, so there was also much throwing. All of the balls eventually made their way to the lawn. Twice.

But that’s cool. That’s what being a good mommy is about (I think): working hard to let your kids play. Toddlers are hard work. They require constant attention. (There will be no sitting on the lawn at the park idly watching him climb the slide for you, missy.)  And they are BUSY. All of the things that B seems to like to do require a significant amount of bending, lifting, grabbing, walking, pulling, or scooping on my part. It’s easy to get tired. His playing is my hard work. I dutifully picked up all those balls, but relished the look on his face when he got to throw them all out again.

06_16_2013 (6 of 8)

 06_16_2013 (5 of 8)

06_16_2013 (7 of 8)

For more information on why toddler moms are so tired (and how / when it will end), read this article – The Life Cycle of a Park Parent – on Funny is Family. It’s funny.


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