The Important Things

There are so many Pinterest Boards / websites dedicated to helping moms to engage in meaningful play with their children. I just read a post (which I originally dismissed but then saw the value of) called ‘Meaningful Block Play’ , which reminds mothers and fathers that kids need help discovering which tactile toys can best help them express their creativity. If kids don’t know about a particular medium, they won’t be able to utilize it. And let’s face it, when it comes to knowing a lot about the world, toddlers are at the bottom of the smartie-pants scale. They know nothing! We have to teach them the basics of play and life. (I don’t even want to discuss the joys of potty training that will be coming up in the next year.)

So when we went up to visit Daddy yesterday to have lunch and spend precious daylight hours with him, it made me feel good to know that, although he can’t put his shoes on by himself or say the word “Mommy” (sigh)… my little man can dip a French fry into ketchup. Repeatedly. With style.

Priorities, people.

Doing what we call "dip, dip".

Doing what we call the “dip, dip”.


He's surprisingly neat about it, too.

He’s surprisingly neat about it, too.



2 thoughts on “The Important Things

  1. I think dipping a fry into ketchup is one VERY important skill. 🙂

    Also eating an ice cream cone properly, I always cringe when I see 10 year olds with ice cream dripping down their cone and hands – ice cream eating is a very important skill

    • So true! We got a kick out of him doing it the first time. Now he dips everything: waffle strips, chicken strips, rice…whatever!

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